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Project Procedures Manual
A collected set of the management and administrative procedures needed for the project. [D04492]

Project Processes
Those processes that collectively form project management's tools and techniques and the use of which enable project success. [D03198]

Project Procurement Management
A subset of project management that includes procurement planning, solicitation and solicitation planning, source selection, contract administration and contract closeout in an effort to obtain goods and services from outside organizations. [D01495]

Project Procurement Strategy
The relationship of specific procurement actions to the operating environment of the project. [D01496]

Project Products List ("PPL")
A summary of all deliverable and non-deliverable versions and quantities of all hardware, software, support equipment, tooling, support services, and documentation. The PPL is the baseline for Work Breakdown Structure development and for planning, budgeting, and scheduling. [D04199]

Project Products List Fact Sheets
A narrative description of each entry of the project products list. The narrative should be written by the most knowledgeable expert and should include sufficient information to facilitate planning, estimating, and scheduling. [D04200]

Project Progress Report
Formal statement that compares the project progress, achievements and expectations with the project plan. [D04493]

Project Quality Management
A subset of project management that includes quality planning, quality assurance and quality control in an effort to satisfy the needs and purpose of the project. [D01497]

Project Records Management
The system and procedures established by the Company for the consistent and effective storage and retrieval of all project information for the efficient use by the project manager and his/her project Team. [D01498]

Project Reporting
A planning activity involved with the development and issuance of (internal) TIME management analysis reports and (external) progress reports. [D01499]

Project Resource Plan
A top-level management resource plan produced at the beginning of the project. It covers all products within the project boundary. [D03925]

Project Responsibility
A table to help define tasks. [D01500]

 CPMUSC 176-8
Project Review
An evaluation of current project results or procedures. [D01501]

Project Review Calendar
Calendar of project review dates, meetings and issues of reports set against project week numbers or dates. [D04494]

Project Risk
The cumulative effect of the chances of uncertain occurrences which will adversely affect project objectives. It is the degree of exposure to negative events and their probable consequences. Project risk is characterized by three factors: risk event, risk probability and the amount at stake. [D01502]

Project Risk Analysis
Analysis of the consequences and probabilities that certain undesirable events will occur and their impact on attaining the contract/procurement objectives. [D01503]

Project Risk Characterization
Identifying the potential external or internal risks associated with procurement actions using estimates of probability of occurrence. [D01504]

Project Risk Management
The process of identification, assessment, allocation, and management of all project risks. Project risk management recognizes a formal approach to the process as opposed to an intuitive approach. Risks are present in all projects, whatever their size or complexity and whatever industry or business sector. [D03753]

A subset of project management that includes risk identification, risk quantification, risk response development and risk response control in an effort to identify, analyze and respond to project risks. [D01505]

The application of art and science (I.e. judgment, techniques and tools) to recognizing and alleviating risk events throughout the project life cycle in a way that is in the best interests of the projectÍs objectives. [D02228]

Project Risks
Those factors that may cause a failure to meet the project's objectives. Risks may also be associated with opportunities. Risk is the product of the probability of an event occurring times its impact if it did. Risks exist as a consequence of uncertainty. [D03754]

A term used to refer to a broad complex of sometimes interrelated project events detrimental to project success. The likelihood of such events is difficult if not impossible to forecast with any degree of certainty. [D01506]

Project Schedule
Planned dates for starting and completing activities and milestones. [D01507]

Project Schedules
Timelines for the project in one or more of the following forms: milestone, deliverables, activity, Gantt. [D02204]

Project Scope
A concise and accurate description of the end products or deliverables to be expected from the project and that meet specified requirements as agreed between the ProjectÍs Stakeholders. [D01509]

The extent and contents of a project. Also the goals of a project. (Syn: Scope of Work.)
Editor's Note: The editor disagrees. The Scope of Work is the extent of work required to produce the project's deliverables and is related to but not synonymous with the description of those deliverables. [D01508]

Project Scope Management
A subset of project management that includes initiation, scope planning, scope definition, scope verification and scope change control in an effort to ensure that the project has all of the necessary work required to complete it. [D01510]

Project Segments
Project subdivisions expressed as manageable components. [D01511]

Project Services
Expertise and/or labor needed to implement a project not available directly from a project manager's organization. [D01512]

Project Sponsor
The owner of the project business case. He/she represents the funder's interests. [D03755]

A person or group concerned with the definition of project objectives in the context of the sponsoring organization. [D01513]

The person or group acting as ManagementÍs representative on behalf of the Company as Owner or Agent of the facility, product or new service resulting from the Project. [D01514]

A person concerned with defining the project objectives in the context of the sponsoring organization. [D03926]

Alternative definitions include:
  1. The individual or body for whom the project is undertaken, the primary risk taker
  2. The individual representing the sponsoring body and to whom the project manager reports
  3. A person or organization providing funds for the project.

An executive level position responsible for integrating, on the assigned project(s), the ongoing strategic direction of the project with the ongoing operations of the organization. This strategic direction is given to the project manager and through him or her to the project team. [D04603]

The person who has ultimate authority over the project. The executive sponsor provides project funding, resolves issues and scope changes, approves major deliverables and provides high-level direction. They also champion the project within their organization.
Depending on the project, and the organizational level of the executive sponsor, they may delegate day-to-day tactical management to a project sponsor. If assigned, the project sponsor represents the executive sponsor on a day-to-day basis, and makes most of the decisions requiring sponsor approval. If the decision is large enough, the project sponsor will take it to the executive sponsor. [D05121]

Project Stage
A sub-set of Project Phase. [D01515]

Project Stakeholder
A person, group or authority who is involved in or may be affected by project activities (i.e. has a 'stake' in the Project) and who could act against the project if their needs are not considered. [D01516]

Project Stakeholders
People or organizations who have a vested interest in the environment, performance and/or outcome of the project. [D04532]

Project Standard
A norm, either:
  1. Adapted on a single project, or
  2. Imposed on all projects.

Project Start Date/Schedule
The earliest calendar start date among all activities in the network. [D01518]

Project Startup
The complex sequence of activities that are required to start the project, mobilize the team, initiate the project definition process, obtain agreement to the project's objectives and plan to deliver them. [D02627]

Activity following the decision to launch project activities. Includes planning, organizing and mobilization of resources. [D01519]

Project Status
The timely comprehensive measurement of project progress against the plan to identify variances and the seriousness of the variances if not controlled by corrective action. [D04201]

Project Status Report
A report on the status of accomplishments and any variances to spending and schedule plans. [D01520]

Project Strategy
Projects should have a high level comprehensive definition of the way they are to be developed and managed. All major issues should be addressed i.e. technical, financial, organizational, time and quality as well as safety, human resources, logistics, procurement, information systems and technology. [D03927]

A comprehensive definition of how a project will be managed. [D01521]

Project Structure
The set of activities comprising a project and their relations. (See also Work Breakdown Structure.) [D01522]

Project Success
Success is achieved when a project has been completed according to all requirements and satisfies the projectÍs Key Success Indicators. [D01523]

The achievement of stakeholder satisfaction. [D01524]

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