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File Transfer
The transfer of an electronic file from one storage device to another. May also refer to the final closing of project files and their removal to a permanent archive. [D02766]

File Transfer Protocol ("FTP")
The basic Internet function that enables files to be transferred between computers. You can use it to download files from a remote, host computer, as well as to upload files from your computer to a remote, host computer. [D04835]

A facility allowing subsequent commands to operate only on records that conform to specified criteria. [D00678]

Final Completion
When the entire work has been performed to the requirements of the contract, except for those items arising from the provisions of warranty, and is so certified. [D00679]

Final Contract Review
A control gate at which the buyer approves the contractor's contract closeout. [D04096]

Final Design
The documentation that describes the ultimate "As-Delivered" configuration to provide for replication. [D04097]

Final Objectives
Those objectives that represent the ultimate outcome of negotiations and discussions. Typically, the project objectives contained in a project's approved plan by which it is to be managed. [D02767]

Final Payment
Final settlement paid at contract completion of the contractually obligated amount including retention. [D00680]

Final Report
Post-implementation report. Normally a retrospective report that formally closes the project having handed over the project deliverables for operational use.
Note: The report should draw attention to experiences that may be of benefit to future projects and may form part of the accountability of the project team [D04440]

Money available for disbursement. Typically refers to the source of funding for project activities. [D02768]

Pertaining to finance. [D02769]

Financial Administration
That part of the organization responsible for, or the act of, directing and managing the financial activities of the organization, program, project or major work package. [D02770]

Financial Analysis
See Cost Benefit Analysis. [D02772]

Financial Closeout
Accounting analysis of how funds were spent on the project. Signifies a point in time when no further charges should be made "against" the project. [D00681]

Financial Control
Exercise of control on payments of supplier's invoices. [D00682]

Financial Management
Management of the financial activities of the organization, program, project or major work package. [D02773]

Financial Ratios
Standard ratios established in the financial world by which the merits of an opportunity, i.e. project, may be judged or compared. [D02774]

Financial Sourcing
The finding and securing of the necessary funding for a project. [D02775]

Financial Viability
The extent to which a program or project can be justified or sustained financially. [D02776]

Involves the techniques and methods related to providing the Sources of monies and methods to raise funds (stock, mortgages, bonds, innovative financing agreements, leases. etc.) required for the project. [D00683]

The conclusions of an assessment, evaluation, audit, or review that identify the most important issues, problems, or opportunities within the area of investigation. [D05181]

End. Complete in all respects. No further work, or rework, required. [D02777]

Finish Date
The actual or estimated time associated with an activity's completion. [D00685]

A calendar date associated with an activity's completion. Usually qualified by one of the following: actual, planned, estimated, scheduled, early, late, target or current. [D00684]

Finish Float
The amount of excess time an activity has at its finish before a successor activity must start. This is the difference between the start date of the predecessor and the finish date of the current activity, using the early or late schedule. (Early and Late dates are not mixed.) This may be referred to as slack time. All floats are calculated when a project has its schedule computed. [D00686]

Finish to Finish
See logical relationship. [D00687]

Finish to Finish Lag
The minimum amount of time that must pass between the finish of one activity and the finish of its successor(s). All lags are calculated when a project has its schedule computed. Finish-to Finish lags are often used with Start-to-Start lags. [D00690]

Finish to Start
See Logical Relationship. [D00688]

Finish to Start Lag
The minimum amount of time that must pass between the finish of one activity and the start of its successor(s). The default finish-to-start lag is zero. All lags are calculated when a project has its schedule computed. In most cases, Finish-to-Start lags are not used with other lag types. [D00691]

Finishing Activity
The last activity that must be completed before a project can be considered finished. This activity is not a predecessor to any other activity, it has no successors. Many PM software packages allow for multiple finish activities. [D00689]

A computer, or programmable device, with associated software which can be used to restrict traffic passing through it according to defined rules. Controls would typically be applied based on the origin or destination address and the TCP/IP port number. [D04836]

Firm Fixed Price Contract ("FFP")
A contract where the buyer pays a set amount to the seller regardless of that seller's cost to complete the work. [D00694]

A contractual form in which the price and fee are predetermined and not dependent on cost. [D00692]

 SPM 304-9
A lump sum contract where the supplier agrees to furnish goods or services at a fixed price. [D00693]

A contract that provides for a price that is not subject to any adjustment on the basis of the contractorÍs cost experience in performing the contract. [D03502]

The read only computer instructions resident within hardware. [D04098]

Software programs contained in read-only memory. [D00695]

 SPM 304-9
First In, First Out ("FIFO")
For inventory accounting purposes, the first unit into the inventory is assumed to be the first unit to be drawn out. The inventory value assigned to any unit drawn out is the value of the first unit recorded as still being in inventory. It does not matter which unit is physically drawn out of inventory. See also LIFO. [D03503]

Fiscal Year
Any 12-month period for financial planning and reporting purposes. [D04099]

Fixed Cost
Costs that remain constant as production volume varies in the relevant range of production. Fixed cost per unit decreases as total fixed cost is spread over an increasing number of units. [D03504]

A cost that stays the same over time, such as for materials, regardless of the task duration or how much work a task requires. [D00696]

Fixed Costs
Costs that do not vary with the volume of activity such as accommodation, insurance, depreciation, security and minimum fees for utilities. [D02318]

Fixed Date
A calendar date (associated with a plan) that cannot be moved or changed during the schedule. [D00697]

Fixed Fee
A type of contract in which the fee remains constant irrespective of the amount of work involved. [D02778]

Fixed Finish
See Imposed Finish. [D00698]

Fixed Price
A type of contract in which the amount to be paid is fixed for a specified amount of work or specified deliverables. [D02779]

Fixed Price Contract ("FP")
Same as Firm Fixed Price. [D00699]

 SPM 304-9
Fixed Price Contracts
A generic category of contracts based on the establishment of firm legal commitments to complete the required work. A performing contractor is legally obligated to finish the job, no matter how much it costs to complete. Risks of all cost growth rest on the performing contractor. [D00700]

Fixed Price Plus Incentive Fee Contract ("FPPIF")
Provides the Supplier with a fixed price for delivered performance plus a predetermined fee for superior performance. [D00701]

Fixed Start
See Imposed Start. [D00702]

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