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Project Cost Systems
The establishment of a project cost accounting system of ledgers, asset records, liabilities, write-offs, taxes, depreciation expense, raw materials, pre-paid expenses, salaries, etc. [D01395]

Project Cost Target
The sum of the individual project task cost targets plus any non-task cost targets. [D03784]

Project Culture
The general attitude towards projects within the business. Most projects do not operate in isolation. They have to operate within a business environment that should be complementary to the requirements of good project management. [D03915]

The general attitude toward projects within the business. [D01396]

Project Data Document ("PDD")
A summary of the project plan for the business office. [D01397]

Project Data Gaps
Identification of data gaps in available information in reference to a particular procurement. [D01398]

Project Data Review
Review of qualification data to determine its adequacy. [D01399]

Project Data Verification
Verification of qualification data to check its accuracy. [D01400]

Project Definition
The process of exploring more thoroughly all aspects of the proposed project and to explore the relations between required performance, development time and cost. [D03679]

The definition of a project in terms of objectives, organization, required resource inputs, etc. [D01401]

A report that defines a project i.e. why it is required, what will be done, how when and where it will be delivered, the organization and resources required, the standards and procedures to be followed. [D04484]

Project Developer
The person assigned responsibility and accountability for the project during the Concept Phase and is given the necessary authority to undertake that responsibility. The project developer reports to the project sponsor. [D01402]

Project Development Life Cycle ("PDLC")
The defined sequence of events that constitute a project. This may vary based on the size of the project but is always based on the same principles. [D04365]

Project Direct Cost Contingency
The sum of the contingencies estimated for individual tasks. These contingencies represent the project manager's views of the uncertainty of the costs of the tasks resulting from anticipated issues which cannot be reasonably estimated.
Editor's Note: Without the application of probability, there is a danger that this type of contingency aggregation will lead to an excessive contingency value. [D03785]

Project Director
One of the following:
  1. The manager of a very large project that demands senior level responsibility.
  2. The person at the board level in an organization who has the overall responsibility for managing projects.
  3. The owner's representative who provides overall direction to the project manager.

    1. Editor's Note: In North America, the senior person responsible for the collective management of projects is typically at the vice president level. [D01403]

Project Directory
A file containing a record for each project maintained by the system. [D01404]

Project Documentation
Description of the results of the project. [D01405]

Project Duration
The elapsed time from project start date through to project finish date. [D01406]

Project Engineer
A title that usually indicates that a person who is responsible for a significant technical role on the project has also been given the "part time" role of project manager. [D03918]

Project Environment
The internal and external environments in which the project is conducted. It may encompass political, ecological (often termed environmental), economic, technological, regulatory, organizational, etc. These environments, or contexts, shape the issues that face project management and may assist or restrict the attainment of the project objective. [D03747]

See also Environment. [D01407]

Surroundings, conditions, circumstances, and influences affecting a project. [D01408]

The context within which the project is formulated, assessed and realized. This includes all external factors that have an impact on the project. [D01409]

The context within which the project is formulated, assessed and realized. It covers the external influences that are brought to bear on a project including geophysical, ecological, social, cultural, political, economic and aesthetics. [D03919]

Project Evaluation
A documented review of the projectęs performance, produced at project closure. It ensures that the experience of the project is recorded for the benefit of others. [D01410]

Checking how effectively the project has been conducted and the group has functioned. [D01411]

An appraisal of the progress and performance of a job compared to what was originally planned. [D02335]

 PPS&C p207
Project Evaluation Review
See Project Evaluation. [D03920]

Project Execution Plan
The detailed plan for carrying out the project through its implementation phase. A description of how the project's activities will create the outputs or end items. [D03193]

Project Expenditure
See Expenditure [D00652]

Project File
A record of project data/documents. [D01413]

A file containing the overall plans of a project and any other important documents. [D01412]

Project Financing
Provision of capital for a project. [D01414]

Project Finish Date/Schedule
The latest schedule calendar finish date of all activities on the project derived from network or resource allocation process calculations. [D01415]

Project Follow Up
Checking of project performance in terms of time resources, and/or quality. (Syn: Project Control.) [D01416]

Project Goal
Specified desired milestone result. (See Project Objective.) [D01417]

Project Goods
Equipment and/or materials needed to implement a project. [D01418]

Project Group
Group of people assigned to carry out the project work or a defined part thereof. [D01419]

Project Hand Over
The acceptance of the facility by the facility operators for occupancy and training even though construction may not be fully completed. [D01420]

Project Implementation Plan
A formal document to be approved as part of an AFE submission for the implementation and commissioning, startup & completion phases of the project. It describes the complete course of action contemplated, including assumptions, organization, stakeholder communication, milestone schedule, quality and safety provisions, critical success indicators, etc. The project implementation plan establishes the projectęs •baselineę by which project management will direct the project. [D01421]

Project Information Sources
Identification and listing of various available sources, internal as well as external, to provide relevant information on specific procurements. [D01422]

Project Initiation
The beginning of a project at which point certain management activities are required to ensure that the project is established with clear reference terms and substantial management structure. [D01423]

Project Initiation Document
A document approved by the project board at project initiation that defines the terms of reference for the project. [D01424]

Project Initiation Review
A control gate at which the provider executive management reviews, approves, and commits the company to the provider's project plan and approves the project start. The PIR is the forum for executive management to constructively challenge the readiness of the provider project manager and project team to initiate the project effort and successfully meet the project requirements. [D01425]

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Project Initiator
The person who has the authority, and provides the justification, to start action on a project. [D03787]

Project Integration
The bringing together of diverse organizations, groups or parts to form a cohesive whole to successfully achieve project objectives. [D01426]

Project Investment Cost
The activity of establishing and assembling all the cost elements (capital and operating) of a project as defined by an agreed scope of work. The estimate attempts to predict the final financial outcome of a future investment program even though all the parameters of the project are not yet fully defined. [D01427]

Project Issues Report
A report which raises issues on any aspect of the project whether technical or managerial. [D03916]

Project Launch
The activities surrounding the communication of project scope [D02236]

Project Leader
The person who leads the project management process and facilitates the team process. [D02202]

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