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Definition     Editor's Choice
Status Date
See also Time Now. [D01915]

A date that is set (rather than the current date) for purposes of evaluating and projecting, based on the projects trends so far, where you can expect costs, work and other aspects of the project to be on the status date set. [D01914]

Status Report
A written report given to both the project team and to a responsible person on a regular basis stating the position of an activity, work package, or whole project. Status Reports should be used to control the project and to keep management informed of project status. [D01916]

A report issued by the project team that provides an overview on the status of the project. Usually included are scope, quality, risk, schedule, staffing effort and spending status. [D02226]

Project progress, variance, and corrective actions are summarized by project mangers in brief status reports. These are collated by the program support office into a program progress report which is issued prior to each program executive meeting. The reports should cover forecasts of problem areas as well as overall program performance. [D05124]

Status Review
An examination of the project to discuss variances and approve corrective action. See Monthly Status Review. [D04244]

Status System
System for tracking status at lowest level of detail. [D01917]

Indicating most current project status. [D01918]

Steering Committee
Formal group representing the owner or client. [D01919]

A group of high-level stakeholders who are responsible for providing guidance on overall strategic direction. They do not take the place of a sponsor, but help to spread the strategic input and buy-in to a larger portion of the organization. The steering committee is usually made up of organizational peers, and is a combination of direct customers and indirect stakeholders. [D05125]

Steering Group
A body established to monitor the project and give guidance to the project sponsor or project manager. [D04535]

A term used in some methodologies to describe the lowest level of the work breakdown structure. [D03952]

Stochastic Model
See Monte Carlo Simulation [D05126]

Stop Work Order
Request for interim stoppage of work due to non-conformance, or funding or technical limitations. [D01920]

Storage Quality Control
The technical inspection of materiel received from vendors which was not previously inspected at source and for which acceptance at destination is required; inspection of materiel returned from consuming installations for return to stores, forwarding to repair facilities, for release to disposal areas; the examination and testing of samples of supplies selected from storage to assess the overall quality of materiel stored, and the identification of previously unidentified materiel in store; and inspection of materiel prior to shipping to using activities. [D01921]

 04 4155.13
The second stage of team building where conflicts arise as members of the group try to exert leadership and exert influence over methods of operation. [D03953]

Strategic Dissonance
The difference between policy and action; between what people say they are doing or should be doing, and what they are actually doing. [D01922]

Strategic Framework
The overall integrative framework for managing the project efficiently and effectively. [D03766]

Strategic Plan
The target plan prioritized by critical total float from the current schedule. [D01923]

Strategic Projects
Projects that are tightly tied to company mission, vision, values and objectives, and that depend heavily on high-level coordination and influence management to achieve their goals. See also General Project Alignment, Product and Market-related Projects, Capital Expansion Projects, and Operational Projects. [D04348]

Strategic Risk
Any risk event which has serious or catastrophic consequences even though the probability of occurrence may be quite low.
Editor's Note: Sometimes referred to a "Show stopper". [D05127]

Strategic Systems Plan
A plan devoted to the long term evolution of corporate systems in support of its business. [D03305]

A framework guiding those choices that determine the nature and direction to attain the objective. [D01925]

A careful plan or method focused on macro goals. Completed, fulfilled and sometimes exceeded with the aid of tough-minded tactics micro-focused action steps. [D01924]

 TML 222
Strategy Management Plan
See Project Management Plan [D03767]

A working draft document circulated for comment, criticism or suggested changes for improvement. [D03697]

In resource scheduling it is possible to specify that an activity may be stretched if this results in an earlier scheduled finish date. This means that the specified duration may be increased, while the specified profile is reduced proportionally. [D01926]

Something made up of a number of parts that are held or put together in a particular way, the way they are put together to form a whole. [D01927]

 VPM 19
The methodical examination and/or analysis of a question or problem. [D01928]

A distinctive manner of expression (as in writing or speech) or of personal behavior. A particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, or performed (as in style of management.) [D03306]

Two or more parts joined together to form a unit in an assembly, such as a printed circuit board with installed parts. Level 6 in the system hierarchy. [D04245]

Two or more parts joined together to form a unit that is only a part of a complete machine, structure, or other article. [D03313]

Delegating tasks or sub-projects to smaller contractors or to other organizations. [D01930]

 OTOB 271-4
A contractual document which legally defines the effort of providing services, data, or other hardware, from one firm to another. [D01929]

A contract between the prime contractor and a seller to it. [D04246]

Subcontract Administrator
An official designated by the contractor, who has the authority to: [D04247]

Subcontract Plan
A main contractor's plan for managing its subcontracts. Disclosure of this plan may only be available to the project team if it is a condition of the main contract. [D03307]

Any supplier, distributor, vendor, or firm that furnishes supplies or services to or for a prime contractor or another subcontractor. [D03577]

An organization, usually a company, working for another organization on some aspect of the project for which the other organization is under contract. [D01931]

 SPM 304-9
An individual, partnership, corporation, or association that contracts with an organization (i.e., the prime contractor) to design, develop, and/or manufacture one or more products. [D05214]

Sub-Critical Activity
An activity that has a float threshold value assigned to it by the project manager. When the activity reaches its float threshold, it is identified as being critical. Since this type of criticality is artificial, it normally does not impact the project's end date. [D03614]

A division of a project network diagram representing a subproject. [D01932]

The subdivision of a network into fragments, usually representing some form of sub-project. [D01933]

The subdivision of a project network diagram into segments, usually representing some form of subproject. [D01934]

Activity of a main network represented by a detailed network. [D01935]

See also Subnet. [D01936]

A small network which forms a part of the project network. [D01937]

 CPMUSC 176-8
A section of the project, i.e. subproject, for which a separate network is developed. Usually represented as a single activity in the main network. [D03954]

See Subnetwork. [D04306]

The optimization of a component of a system or project, such as task sequence or schedule, perhaps to the detriment of the overall plan or project. [D01938]

 OTOB 271-4
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