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Definition     Editor's Choice
The formal and informal boundaries and relationships among people, departments, organizations, or functions. [D00870]

 OTOB 271-4
The process of establishing a satisfactory working boundary between two adjacent parts. See Interface. [D02880]

  1. Conduct that unreasonably interrupts normal operations and hinders performance of the work, or
  2. Parts, or processes, that interfere one with another preventing the completion of the whole. [D05004]

Interfering Float
The portion of total float which affects other activities but not the project finish date.
Free Float + Interfering Float = Total Float [D05005]

Interim Deliverables
Intermediate deliverables that will be produced as precursors to the final deliverable. [D02197]

Internal Customer Acceptance Criteria
The criteria that an internal customer will use to determine if he/she is satisfied with an interim deliverable. See also Customer Acceptance Criteria. [D02192]

Internal Politics
Politics within the organization that have an effect on the project. [D02881]

Internal Project Sources
Intra-firm sources and records including historical data on similar procurements, cost and performance data on various suppliers and other data which could assist in proposed procurements. [D00871]

Internal Rate of Return ("IRR")
The return which can be earned on the capital invested in the project, i.e. the discount rate which gives an NPV of zero. This is equivalent to the yield on the investment. [D05006]

Simple calculation of annual financial return for a given outlay without consideration of any external or related factors. [D02883]

See Discounted Cash Flow. [D03061]

Internal Replanning
Replanning actions performed by the contractor for any remaining effort within project scope. [D04641]

International Projects
Projects that span national boundaries. [D02885]

The vast collection of interconnected networks that all use the TCP/IP protocols and that evolved from the ARPANET of the late 1960s and early 1970s. [D04846]

The public system of electronic communication based on a very larger number of interconnected data storage devices (servers) world wide. [D02898]

Internet Protocol ("IP")
See Internet Protocol Address [D04847]

Internet Protocol Address
A numeric address that uniquely identifies every computer connected to a network. For example, [D04848]

Internet Service Provider ("ISP")
An organization that provides Internet service to an Internet user [D04849]

The ability of systems, units, or forces to provide services to, and accept services from, other systems, units, or forces and to use the services so exchanged to enable them to operate effectively together. [D02893]

Being, relating to, or involving relations between persons [D02886]

Interpersonal Influences
The means by which a project manager gets a job done, since project managers are known for having a lot of informal authority but very little formal power. See Formal Authority; Reward Power; Penalty Power; Expert Power; and Referent Power. [D02887]

The estimation of an unknown number intermediate between two, or more, known numbers.
Editor's Note: May also refer to inserting thoughts into textual material, as in "Reading between the lines" with or without the intent to corrupt the original meaning. [D02894]

Present in understandable terms. [D00872]

Reduction of information to appropriate and understandable terms and explanations. [D00873]

A stopping or hindering of the normal process or flow (of an activity.) [D02895]

Deterring, frightening, or compelling by means of threats. [D02896]

A common physical or functional boundary within a project. It usually exists between assemblies and/or software components, is defined by an Intraface Specification, and is usually managed by the contractor's design integration function within system engineering or design engineering. [D04125]

The equivalent of an Internet but confined to an organization internally and usually not accessible to the public without special authorization. [D02897]

A private network inside a company or organization that uses the same kinds of software that you would find on the public Internet, but that is only for internal use. As the Internet has become more popular, many of the tools used on the Internet are being used in private networks. For example, many companies have Web servers that are available only to employees. [D04850]

Knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; perceptive insight. [D00874]

 VPM 19
Any of the following:
  1. An itemized list of current assets such as a catalog of property, or a list or the quantity of goods or materials on hand (stock)
  2. A survey of natural resources
  3. A list of traits, preferences, attitudes, interests, or abilities used to evaluate the personal characteristics or skills of personnel

Inventory Closeout
Settlement and credit of inventory if purchased from project funds. [D00875]

Inverted Matrix
A project oriented organization structure that employs permanent specialists to support projects. [D04454]

The outlay of money or time usually for income, profit or other benefit. Example: a capital outlay for the purchase of property. [D02900]

The creation of real or tangible capital, for example in the construction of a building or a piece of machinery, which will generate a flow of goods and services to be consumed in the future. We also use the word "investment" to mean the assets and business activity resulting from a specific project which has been financed by capital sums. [D05007]

Investment Cost
The amount of money expended in an investment. [D02901]

Investment Gates
See Control Gates. [D03441]

Investment Life-Cycle
The lifetime of a project deliverable from inception to ultimate termination. Often there is uncertainty about the length of time over which a project will be operating and assumptions will have to be made.
Editor's Note: An investment life cycle encompasses both the project life cycle and the life of the resulting product. See also "Product Life Cycle" [D05008]

Investment Model
A framework for evaluating the likely profitability of the investment. [D05009]

Investor's Method
See Discounted Cash Flow. [D00876]

A call to do something, a solicitation. Can be informal as in an invitation to a meeting, or formal as in a published request for proposal or quotation. [D02903]

Invitation for Bid ("IFB")
A solicitation for offers under sealed bidding. [D03517]

Similar to a request for proposal, but often with a more specific application area. [D00877]

Invitation to Bid
The invitation issued to prospective suppliers to submit a bid/quotation/ proposal for the supply of goods/ services. [D00878]

A contractorÍs bill or written request for payment under the contract for supplies delivered or services performed. [D03518]

A document issued by a contractor as a request for payment for work performed in accordance with the terms of its contract. The invoice should be checked and coded by the project accountant before being sent to the project manager for approval. An invoice is the document initiating a progress payment. [D00879]

Invoices to Cost Accounts
The allocation or distribution of the amounts shown on an invoice to their respective project cost code (WBS Code of Accounts.) [D02904]

Contrary to or without choice; not subject to control of the will (reflex). [D00880]

Engagement as a participant. For example, seeking the opinions of stakeholders so that they become involved and "buy in" to the process. [D02905]

See Internet Protocol

See Integrated Product Development Team

See Internal Rate of Return

Irrefutable Logic
Network Logic that is rational and compelling and cannot be disputed on the basis of reason. See also Desirable Logic [D04358]

Island of Stability
A review point at the end of a tranche (and overlapping the next tranche) when the Program management team review progress and re-assess benefits, risk and remaining uncertainty, and plan the next tranche in detail. [D05010]

See Internet Service Provider

Something in dispute or to be decided. [D03635]

An immediate problem requiring resolution. [D04455]

A major problem that will impede the progress of the project and cannot be resolved by the project manager and project team without outside help [D05011]

Issues Management
The management of issues that remain unresolved because they are either in dispute, are uncertain, lack information, or lack authority or commitment for their resolution. [D03735]

IT Executive Committee
The departmental top management group that is responsible for the overall direction of IT (Information Technology) projects. [D00881]

IT Security
The protection of data transmitted or stored in Information Technology systems. [D02906]

Distinct parts in a list, group, or series, or articles or objects of interest or concern. [D02907]

A distinct sequence of activities with a base-lined plan and valuation criteria resulting in a release (internal or external). [D04684]

In project work, a distinct sequence of activities designed to float ideas or samples for review, or modules and components for testing, before solidifying them into the final work product. The essence of iteration is to repeat the sequence to yield results successively closer to the required aim. [D05012]

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