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What's New in Glossary Version 5.5

In this version 5.5 we've added another 200 entries. These include more terms specific to the separate disciplines of project portfolio management and corporate program analysis. We have also culled a number of definitions that we now consider obsolete. This leaves the net total of entries to over 6,400, with the number of discrete terms at over 4,400 derived from over 200 references.

As previously, where multiple definitions are provided for a given term, the intent is to show either different interpretations, or similar interpretations but with additional nuances. In such cases, our "Editor's Choice" is generally based on our belief of the most common understanding expressed in the simplest wording.

However, readers are well advised to peruse all remaining definitions under the same heading, and follow the links where necessary, to obtain a fuller understanding and insight into the intent and diversity of the term in question.

As always, feedback on the entries or comments on this latest Glossary version will be much appreciated. You can contact the Editor by Email at

Note regarding the PMBOK Guide 4th Edition (2008) Glossary
We have reviewed the Project Management Institute's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fourth Edition and satisfied ourselves that all of the terms listed there are covered in our Glossary by definitions with very similar intent. Exact wordings have not been included because of the Institute's copyright restrictions. This has not influenced our selection of Editor's Choice.

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