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Activity Oriented - to - Affected Parties

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Activity Oriented
A planning approach focused primarily on activities rather than events. [D00044]

Activity Oriented Schedule
Schedule which presents information in terms of activities (i.e. periods of time, as opposed to points in time, e.g. milestone dates). See also Precedence Diagramming. [D00045]

Activity Properties
A description of the attributes of the activity such as start and finish times, resources required and anticipated cost, etc. [D02355]

Activity Quantities
Units of consumption or production associated with an Activity. [D02356]

Activity Status
The state of completion of an activity. A planned activity has not yet started. A started activity is in progress. A finished activity is complete. [D00046]

Activity Timing
The time parameters within which the Activity is expected or required to take place. [D02357]

Someone or something, outside the system that interacts with the system. [D04799]

Information that shows what has actually occurred. For example, the actual start date for a task is the day on which the task actually started, and its actual cost is the amount spent up to the present. [D00050]

Actual and Scheduled Progress
A comparison of the observable work done at a given time with the work planned up to that time. [D02358]

Actual Cost
Incurred costs that are charged to the project budget and for which payment has been made, or accrued. [D04568]

The cost actually incurred. [D00051]

A cost sustained in fact, on the basis of costs incurred, as distinguished from forecasted or estimated costs. [D04611]

Actual Cost Data Collection
The assembly of recorded expenditures for an Activity, set of Activities, and/or within a given time frame in the past. [D02359]

Actual Cost of Work Performed ("ACWP")
Total costs incurred (direct and indirect) in accomplishing work during a given time period. ACWP is used in the earned value method of progress measurement. See also earned value analysis. [D00055]

A term in the Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria (C/SCSC) system for the costs actually incurred and recorded in accomplishing the work performed within a given time period. [D00052]

 SPM 304-9
Actual cost expended on an activity, a part of a project, or an entire project. [D00053]

The direct costs actually incurred and the indirect costs applied in accomplishing the work performed within a given time period. These costs should reconcile with the contractorÍs incurred cost ledgers that are regularly audited by the client. [D00054]

Actual cost incurred (spent) on work to date. This can be expressed as a percentage i.e. Actual % Expenditure = ACWP x 100 / BAC [D02241]

Actual Costs
The costs actually incurred and recorded for work performed.
Editor's Note: Sometimes referred to as Actuals [D02259]

Amounts determined on the basis of costs incurred, as distinguished from forecasted costs. Actual costs include standard costs properly adjusted for applicable variances. [D03794]

Actual Dates
The dates that activities really started and finished as opposed to planned or projected dates. [D00056]

Actual Direct Costs
Those costs specifically identified with a contract or project, based upon the contractor's cost identification and accumulation system. See also Direct Costs. [D00057]

Actual Expenditures
See Actual Costs. [D03664]

Actual Finish
Date on which an activity was completed. [D00058]

Actual Finish Date
The calendar date that work actually ended on an activity. It must be prior to or equal to the data date. The remaining duration of this activity is zero. [D00060]

The date work actually ended on an activity.
Editor's Note: In some application areas, the activity is considered "finished" when work is "substantially complete". [D00059]

Actual Start
Date on which an activity was started. [D00061]

Actual Start Date
The calendar date work actually began on an activity. It must be prior to or equal to the data date. [D00063]

The date work actually started on an activity. [D00062]

See Actual Cost of Work Performed

Something that has been made to fit.
Editor's Note: The implication is that it is not exactly as specified. See also Workaround. [D02360]

Added Value
The addition of some worthwhile quality or performance improvement as a result of some action taken, which may or may not have been part of the original understanding, agreement or contract. [D02558]

See procurement addendum. [D00066]

The extent that an item or action is sufficient for the purpose.
Editor's Note: The implication of this term is that it is not the ideal solution. [D02361]

The last stage of Team Building where the team disbands. [D03587]

An action to make something fit a predetermined requirement or condition. An adjustment may apply to physical parts or to data such as a cost estimate. [D02362]

See Arrow Diagram Method

ADM Project
Non-hierarchical project that uses the arrow diagramming method. [D00067]

That part of the organization responsible for, or the act of, directing and managing the activities of the organization, program, project or major work package. [D02771]

See Administrative Management. [D02363]

Administrative Change
A unilateral contract modification, in writing, that does not affect the substantive rights of the parties (e.g., a change in the paying office or the appropriation data). [D03795]

Administrative Management
Management that operates in the public trust, such as national, regional or local government administrations. Designed to survive indefinitely, the intended goal is to provide an environment acceptable to its constituents for their survival, prosperity and comfort. [D00068]

See Automated Data Processing

See Alternative Dispute Resolution

Advanced Material Release ("AMR")
A document used by organizations to initiate the purchase of long-lead-time or time-critical materials prior to the final release of a design. [D00069]

See Actual Finish Date

See Authority for Expenditure

See Application for Expenditure

To make happen, or to cause an effect or change to occur, or has or will result. Typically used to identify secondary impacts as a result of a primary change. [D02364]

Affected Parties
Those who have been, or will be, impacted by a change. [D02365]

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