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See Sampling Frequency

The making, building, construction, or assembly of parts into a whole.
Editor's Note: In other circumstances, this term also means to devise falsely! [D02756]

See Forecast At Completion

Enabling activities to proceed or be completed through encouraging compromise and acceptance and/or by removing obstacles or otherwise making the activities easier. [D02757]

A person who makes it easier for other people to accomplish objectives by offering advice and assistance in solving problems, either with technical issues or with other people. project managers are often referred to as facilitators. [D00659]

 OTOB 271-4
Facilities/Product Life Cycle
A life cycle which encompasses the project life cycle as well as the phases of operation and disposal. [D00661]

A life cycle which encompasses phases of operation and disposal, as well as, and following, the project life cycle. [D00660]

In project work, this term usually refers to the constructed environment, e.g. buildings, structures, infrastructure, plant and equipment. [D02759]

Any building, plant, installation, structure, mine, vessel or other floating craft, location, or site of operations, owned, leased, or supervised by a Contractor or subcontractor, used in the performance of a contract or subcontract. [D03500]

An element or influence that operates on or has an affect on a calculation, product or result. [D02760]

The inability to perform. [D04092]

A deficiency, defect, nonperformance or non-conformance with specified requirements. [D02761]

An event in which any part of an item does not perform as required by its performance specification. [D02762]

Fair and Reasonable Cost
Costs that do not exceed what an ordinary, prudent person in the conduct of competitive business would incur. [D04093]

Fair Market Price
A price based on reasonable costs under normal competitive conditions and not on lowest possible cost. [D03501]

Fallback Plan
A plan for an alternative course of action that can be adopted to overcome the consequences of a risk, should it occur (including carrying out any advance activities that may be required to render the plan practical.) [D04438]

Fallback Position
Alternative or second choice. [D02316]

Fast Track
The starting or implementation of a project by overlapping activities, commonly entailing the overlapping of design and construction (or manufacturing) activities. [D00662]

Fast Tracking
Compressing the project schedule by doing some or all of certain activities in parallel that would normally be done in sequence (such as design and construction). [D00663]

The process of reducing the number of sequential relationships (FS) and replacing them typically with parallel relationships (SS). [D00664]

Reducing the duration of a project usually by overlapping phases or activities that were originally planned be to done sequentially. [D04579]

Failure to perform. [D04094]

Project Feasibility has two dimensions: [D00668]

The assessment of capability of being completed: the possibility, probability and suitability of accomplishment. [D00665]

Feasibility Budget
The authorized appropriation of funds to cover the cost of work in the feasibility phase only. [D00666]

Feasibility Phase
See Development Phase [D00667]

The project phase that demonstrates that the client's requirement can be achieved and identifies and evaluates the options to determine the one preferred solution. [D04580]

Feasibility Report
A document that sets out all solutions considered to meet a particular set of project requirements, evaluates the ability of each to meet project objectives, gives an outline description of the recommended solution, and explains the reasons for selection. [D00669]

Feasibility Study
The methods and techniques used to examine technical and cost data to determine the economic potential and the practicality of project applications. It involves the use of techniques such as the time value of money so that projects may be evaluated and compared on an equivalent basis. Interest rates, present worth factors, capitalization costs, operating costs, depreciation, etc., are all considered. [D00670]

A study to examine the viability of taking on a project. [D00671]

 CPMUSC 176-8
Analysis to determine if a course of action is possible within the terms of reference of the project. [D04581]

During the program definition phase, the program feasibility study is conducted to develop in further detail the business requirements and benefits analysis contained in the program brief - in order to draw up the blueprint of the future business operations - and to scope and structure implementation options. [D04981]

Feasible Project Alternatives
Reviews of available alternate procurement actions which could attain the objectives. [D00672]

Feasible Schedule
Any schedule capable of implementation within the externally determined constraints of time and/or resource limits. [D04439]

An externally observable service provided by the system which directly fulfills a stakeholder need. [D04728]

A reward or compensation for services. [D02764]

Cost-type contract profit. [D02763]

A negotiated dollar amount to motivate and compensate contractors for performance on cost reimbursable contracts. A fee may be fixed or vary in accordance with an incentive or award formula. [D04095]

The flow of information from those who have experience to those who need the information. [D02317]

Information (data) extracted from a process or situation and used in controlling (directly) or in planning or modifying immediate or future inputs (actions or decisions) into the process or situation [D00673]

See Free Float

See Firm Fixed Price Contract

A location in a sheet form or chart that contains a specific kind of information about a task or resource. In a spreadsheet, for example, a field is the intersection of a column and a row. In an input form a field is a named box or place to insert data. [D00674]

See Attribute. [D04834]

Field Clarification
A Site Instruction issued to a construction contractor. A written pro-forma document intended to clarify or interpret the contract drawings or specifications at no change to the contract price. [D00675]

Field Cost
costs associated with the project site rather than with the home office.

Field Order Or Emergency Field Order, or Emergency Work Order. An unplanned authorization for a construction contractor to perform work beyond the scope of its contract and hence a commitment document. A field order is generally issued in response to an urgent situation encountered during construction. It constitutes an extension to the contract. [D00676]

Field Inspection
An inspection at the site of the work or job site. [D02765]

Field/Project Office Overhead
Expenses incurred by a contractor at the job site in support of a project which cannot be directly associated with a specific work item. Examples included project management staff, job site office and equipment. Also referred to as "General Conditions Cost" or "Project Office Overhead". [D04982]

See First In, First Out

A group of records. [D00677]

 CPMUSC 176-8
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