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A term used to refer to the tools used for certain types of work, which may be physical such as those used in surveying, or notional such as used in establishing law. [D02867]

Something that can be covered by insurance. [D02868]

Insurable Risk
A particular type of risk which can be covered by an insurance policy. [D00851]

A contract by which a person or company can, upon payment of a premium, be indemnified against loss due to specified risks [D02869]

A contract which provides that for a stipulated consideration, one party undertakes to indemnify another against loss, damage, or liability arising from an unknown or contingent event. [D03516]

Intangible Capital
The market value of the knowledge, brands, relationships, skills, etc. possessed by an organization. Also known as Intangible Assets. [D02634]

To make into a whole by bringing all parts together. [D05187]

United into a larger unit. Brought together to form a satisfactory and working whole. [D02870]

Integrated Baseline Review ("IBR")
A joint PM/Customer review to understand and assess the adequacy, accuracy, and risks of a performance measurement baseline with respect to the work scope, schedule, technical requirements, and resource availability. [D05003]

The newest form of the Department of Defense C/SCSC verification review process in which the technical staff lead the effort to verify that the entire project baseline is in place, together with a realistic budget to accomplish all planned work. [D00852]

Integrated Cost/Schedule Reporting
See Earned Value. [D00853]

The development of reports that measure actual versus budget, "S" curves, BCWS, BCWP and ACWP. [D00854]

Integrated Logistics Support ("ILS")
Disciplined approach to activities necessary to:
  1. Cause support considerations to be integrated into product design
  2. Develop support arrangements that are consistently related to design and to each other, and
  3. Provide the necessary support at the beginning and during customer use at optimum cost.

A composite of all the support considerations necessary to assure the effective and economical support of a system for its life cycle. [D03633]

A composite of all support necessary for effective and economical support of a system over its life cycle. Includes: [D04118]

Integrated Product Development Team ("IPDT")
The development of new products with use of multi-functional teams, who work in unison form the conceptual idea until completion of the product. Integrated product development teams are best contrasted with the traditional form of sequential functional development. Another term for IPDT is Concurrent Engineering. [D00855]

Integrated Program Management
See Program Management. [D02871]

Integrated Project Progress Report
Documentation that measures actual (cost/schedule) vs. budget by utilizing BCWP, BCWS, ACWP. [D00856]

Integrated Services
A variety of related services made available under one management. [D02873]

The process of bringing people, activities and other things together to perform effectively. [D00858]

A way of terminating a project by bringing project team members back into the organization and distributing project results and outcomes among existing functions. [D00857]

 OTOB 271-4
The bringing of people and things together to perform effectively. [D03863]

The successive combining and testing of system hardware assemblies, software components, and operator tasks to progressively prove the performance and compatibility of all components of the system. [D04119]

The software development activity in which separate software components are combined into an executable whole. [D04736]

Integration Build Plan
Defines the order in which components are to be implemented and integrated in a specific iteration. Enclosed in the Iteration Plan. [D04737]

Integration of Activities
Unification of activities into an effective, efficient and non-conflicting comprehensive effort. [D02874]

Integrative Management
A management approach and style that unifies rather than segregates. [D02875]

In dealings between parties, firm adherence to a code of moral values including completeness, honesty, honor, forthrightness, straightforwardness and entirety. [D04364]

Intellectual Property Rights
Rights of the author under copyright law designed to protect intellectual property such as any published works of literature, art, etc. in whatever form. [D02876]

The ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations. [D00859]

Intention for Bid ("IFB")
Communications, written or oral by the prospective organizations and/or individuals indicating their willingness to perform the specified work. This could be a letter, statement of qualifications or response to a request for proposal/quotation. [D00860]

Mutually or reciprocally active. For example: any two-way electronic communication system, e.g. telephone, cell phone, computer, etc that enables both question and answer. [D02877]

Interactive Project Planning
Project planning carried out in active cooperation between project participants. Forms a contrast to project planning centralized in the project manager. [D00861]

Interdependencies Among Groups
Established or logical reciprocal relationships between people or things that determines the behavior or performance of the whole. [D02878]

Determined by a reciprocal relationship. [D02879]

Interest Rate of Return
See Profitability Index. [D00862]

Interest-During-Construction ("IDC")
The cost of borrowing money to meet project construction expenditures. [D00863]

Interested Party
Person or group affected by the project process or result. [D00864]

The functional and physical characteristics required to exist at a common boundary or connection between persons, or between systems, or between persons and systems. [D03634]

Area, surface or function providing and regulating contact between two elements of a system. [D00865]

A common physical or functional boundary between different organizations or contractor's products. It is usually defined by an interface specification and managed by a system integration organization. [D04120]

A collection of operations that are used to specify a service of a class or a component. [D04845]

Interface Activity
An activity connecting anode in one subnet with a node in another subnet, representing logical interdependence. The activity identifies points of interaction or commonality between the project activities and outside influences. [D00866]

Interface Control Plan
The documented approach to interface management and usually includes approach to management of interface specifications and interface control working group meetings. [D04121]

Interface Control Working Group
The forum managed by the system integrator to discuss interface status, and resolve issues involving interface compatibility. [D04122]

Interface Management
The management of communication, coordination and responsibility across a common boundary between two organizations, phases, or physical entities which are interdependent. [D00868]

Managing the problems that often occur among people, departments, and disciplines rather than within the project team itself. [D00867]

 OTOB 271-4
Interface Program
A computer program that relates status system line items to their parent activities in the project plan. [D00869]

Interface Requirements Specification
A document used to define the interface between computer software configuration items and other configuration items within the system. This document is identical to the interface specification or intraface specification. [D04123]

Interface Specification
The specification that defines the physical, functional, and operational characteristics of the interfaces between two entities of a system managed by different organizations. [D04124]

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