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Non-Conformance - to - NTE

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Definition     Editor's Choice
The failure of a unit of product to conform to specified requirements for any quality characteristic. [D01084]

A deficiency in characteristics, documentation or procedure that renders the quality of material/service unacceptable or indeterminate. [D01083]

The non-fulfillment of specified requirements. [D01085]

 ISO 8402
Non-Critical Activities or Work Items
Those activities or work items that have positive float (i.e. within defined limits, can take longer to complete than is planned without affecting the total project duration.) [D01086]

Non-Destructive Testing
A method of testing which does not destroy or alter the item being tested. [D05030]

Non-Excusable Delays
Delays that are caused by the contractor's or its subcontractor's actions or inactions. Consequently, the contractor is not entitled to a time extension or delay damages. On the other hand, the owner may be entitled to liquidated or other damages. See also Excusable Delays; Excusable Compensable Delays; Excusable Non-Compensable Delays; and Concurrent Delays. [D03425]

Term refers to organizations that exist for purposes other than making a profit. [D03037]

Non-Recurring Costs
Those costs that are generally incurred on a one-time basis and include such costs as plant or equipment relocation, plant rearrangement, special tooling, special test equipment, preproduction engineering, initial spoilage and rework, and specialized work force training. [D03532]

Costs expenditures against specific tasks that are expected to occur only once on a given program. Examples are such items as preliminary design effort, qualifications testing, initial tooling, and planning. [D01087]

Non-Splittable Activity
An activity that, once started, has to be completed to plan without interruption.
Note: Resources should not be diverted from a non-splittable activity to another activity. [D04464]

Nonverbal Communication
Verbal exchanges account for only a fraction of the messages people send and receive. Research has shown that between 70 and 90 percent of the entire communication spectrum is nonverbal, including: [D03533]

Involving minimal use of the spoken language, e.g. gestures, facial expressions, and verbal fragments that communicate emotions without the use of words; sometimes known as body language. [D01088]

Non-Work Unit
A calendar unit during which work may not be performed on an activity, such as weekends and holidays. [D01089]

Normal Distribution
See Normal Probability Distribution. [D03534]

Normal Inspection
Inspection, under a sampling plan, which is used when there is no evidence that the quality of the product being submitted is better or poorer than the specified quality level. [D01090]

Normal Operation
See Operation [D01091]

Normal Probability Distribution
The continuous distribution most commonly used in statistics to make inferences about a population from sample data. [D03535]

The third stage in team building where conflicts are largely settled and a group identity starts to emerge. [D03876]

Not Applicable ("N/A")
A contract term used to indicate that a standard clause or phrase does not apply. [D04155]

Not Earlier Than
A restriction on an activity that indicates that it may not start or end earlier than a specified date. [D01092]

A restriction placed on an activity which indicates that it may not start earlier than the specified date. [D03877]

Not Invented Here ("NIH")
An attitude that prevents consideration of ideas of others because of personal pride, ego, or other bias. [D04156]

Not Later than
A restriction on an activity that indicates that it may not start or end later than a specified date. [D01093]

Not Later Than
A restriction placed on an activity which indicates that it may not finish later than the specified date. [D03878]

Not to Exceed ("NTE")
A cost or schedule estimating term that defines the highest realistic estimate. [D04157]

Notice Of Change
See Change Order. [D01094]

Notice of Termination
A written notice to the contractor that the contract is being terminated for convenience or default. [D03536]

Notice to Proceed
Formal notification to the supplier, requesting the start of the work. [D01095]

See Net Present Value

See Not to Exceed

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