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Quality Function Deployment - to - Quick Reaction Capability

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Quality Function Deployment
A Japanese method for systematically translating true customer needs into product/service technical requirements for design, development, implementation, and delivery of a product. [D04311]

Quality Grade
A particular attribute of an item, product or service, which meets all minimum project requirements but which may be delivered according to a class ranging from •utilityę (purely functional) to •world classę (equal to the best of the best). [D01586]

Quality Guide
A guide describing quality and configuration management procedures and aimed at people directly involved with quality reviews, configuration management and technical exceptions. [D01587]

Quality Improvement
Taking action to increase effectiveness and efficiencies of the project management processes so that this project and future projects will better meet customer satisfaction. [D04340]

Quality Improvement Program
A deliberate program designed to improve all of the organization's activities and operations. [D03217]

Quality Inspection
An inspection carried out to determine whether or not a deliverable or product, whether intermediate or end product, meets the specified quality criteria. [D03218]

Quality Inspection Procedures
Procedures governing the process of quality inspection. [D03219]

Quality Loop; Quality Spiral
Conceptual model of interacting activities that influence the quality of a product or service in the various stages ranging from the identification of needs to the assessment of whether these needs have been satisfied. [D01588]

 ISO 8402
Quality Management
That aspect of the overall management function that determines and implements the quality policy. [D01590]

 ISO 8402
The function required to determine and implement quality policy throughout the project life cycle. Quality management encompasses the sub-functions of Quality Assurance and Quality Control. [D01589]

Quality Management Function
Quality itself is the composite of material attributes (including performance features and characteristics) of the product or service which are required to satisfy the need for which the project is launched. Quality standards may be attained through the sub-functions of quality assurance (Managerial) and quality control (Technical). [D01591]

Quality Plan
A document setting out the specific quality practices, resources and sequence of activities relevant to a particular product, service, contract or project. [D01593]

 ISO 8402
A component of the program definition statement, setting out quality objectives for the program's design and execution. [D03930]

Quality Planning
Determining which quality standards are necessary and how to apply them. [D01594]

The preparation, checking, and recording of actions that are necessary to achieve the standard of product or service that the customer and legislation requires.
Editor's Note: This definition might better be described as Quality Control. [D03761]

Quality Policy
The overall quality intentions and direction of an organization as regards quality, as formally expressed by top management. [D01595]

 ISO 8402
Quality Process Review
The technical process of using data to decide how the actual project results compare with the quality specifications /requirements. If deviations occur, this analysis may cause changes in the project design, development, use, etc., depending on the decisions of the client, involved shareholders and the project team. [D01596]

Quality Program Requirement
The requirement for the establishment and maintenance of a quality program in accordance with MIL-Q-9858. The specification requires that the program shall assure adequate quality throughout all areas of contract performance; for example, design, development, fabrication, processing, assembly, inspection, test, maintenance, packaging, shipping storage, and site installation. [D01597]

Quality Review
A review where a product or group of products is checked against an agreed set of quality criteria. [D03931]

A review of a product against an established set of quality criteria. [D01598]

A check on the quality of a deliverable. [D02206]

Quality Standards
Stipulations of measurable physical properties or characteristics, which materials, equipment or constructed items must have as a minimum. Basic design criteria and standards should be defined and signed off by the Owner in the conceptual design. In a contract document, quality standards are generally expressed in the specifications by reference to published Codes and Standards. [D01592]

Quality Surveillance
The continuing monitoring and verification of the status of procedures, methods, conditions, processes, products and services, and analysis of records in relation to stated references to ensure that specified requirements for quality are being met. [D01599]

 ISO 8402
Quality System
The organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources for implementing quality management. [D01600]

Quality System Review
A formal evaluation by top management of the status and adequacy of the quality system in relation to quality policy and new objectives resulting from changing circumstances. [D01601]

 ISO 8402
Expressible in, or involving the measurement of, quantity or amount. [D03213]

Quantitative Control
Any quantitative or statistically-based technique appropriate to analyze a software acquisition process, identify special causes of variations in the performance of the software acquisition process, and bring the performance of the software acquisition process within well-defined limits. [D05207]

Quantity Take-Off
The process of determining the quantities of goods and materials required for a project. An estimate of the requirements is made by counting and measuring from drawings and other documents, typically from a set of contract tender documents for purposes of calculating a price for presenting as a bid. [D03220]

The amount a claimant is entitled to under a claim. [D04207]

Waiting time. [D03726]

 PPS&C p341
Quick Reaction Capability
A project approach directed to delivering in a shorter time than would normally be expected. Cost is usually secondary to program schedule. Sometimes called Skunk Works. [D04208]

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