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Bid Package
A subdivision of a project into separate workable components, usually consistent with the work breakdown structure, for purposes of inviting tenders from suitably qualified bidders. Typically used by main contractors to parcel out work to specialist subcontractors. [D02412]

Bid Protests
The process by which an unsuccessful supplier may seek remedy for unjust contract awards. [D00154]

Bid Qualifications
A list of qualifiers that the supplier attaches to the submitted bid which is contingent upon these requirements being met. [D03622]

Bid Response
Communications, positive or negative from prospective suppliers in response to the invitation to bid. [D00155]

Bid Technical Consideration
Suppliers' technical competency, understanding of the technical requirements and capability to produce technically acceptable goods or services. Generally this evaluation ranks highest among all other evaluations. [D00156]

Bid Time Consideration
Evaluation of suppliers' offer with regard to dates identified for completion of phases of the work and/or total work. [D00157]

Bid/No Bid Decision
The decision whether or not to submit a proposal in response to a request for proposal. [D00158]

 SPM 304-9
Anyone who has submitted a bid in response to an invitation for bids. [D03455]

A Contractor who responds to a Request for Proposal (or Quotation), i.e. one who submits a Bid. [D03693]

Bidders Conference
A meeting hosted by the buyer contracting organization to assist prospective bidders in understanding the Request for Proposal. [D04004]

Bidders List
A list of companies judged capable by the procuring organization from which bids, proposals, or quotations may be solicited. [D04005]

Bidders Source Selection
The pre-selection of qualified bidders from a given specialty. Tender invitations are then only distributed to those listed. If the list is large and there are multiple bid packages to be tendered, then bidders may be selected in rotation [D02413]

The process of soliciting or submitting bids. [D02414]

Bidding Strategy
The manner in which bids are to be obtained. Options range from the stage of development of the project's definition or its inherent risk and hence the most suitable type of contract being offered, to the manner in which the work is divided, to the timing in the marketplace given the degree of competition available. [D02415]

An account for goods sold, services rendered, or work done. [D02417]

Bill of Materials
A complete listing of all parts and raw materials that go into an article showing the quantity of each item required to make the unit. [D04614]

A listing of all the subassemblies, parts, and raw materials required to make an assembly. [D04006]

Bills of Materials
The formal documentation of the complete set of physical elements required to build a product, which is used by the project manager or purchasing department to order any material or supplies that are required. [D00159]

 OTOB 271-4
Blanket Purchase Agreement ("BPA")
A simplified method of filling anticipated repetitive needs for supplies or services by establishing charge accounts with qualified sources of supply. [D03456]

The section of the program definition statement which sets out the vision for the program. The blueprint will include business models, operational performance measures, organization, information systems and support service requirements.
Editor's Note: The word "blueprint" comes from the color of copies that used to be made of large engineering drawings in the middle of the last century. [D04929]

A committee with authority and ability to make decisions or strong recommendations. [D02418]

Boiler Plate
Essential contract terminology and clauses that are not subject to frequent change.
Editor's Note: Take care not to overlook the requirements of "Boiler Plate" clauses when preparing a tender submission. That could be costly! [D04007]

Bona Fide
Genuine. Made honestly and in good faith. [D03459]

A written instrument executed by a bidder or contractor (the principal), and a second party (the surety or sureties), to assure fulfillment of the principalÍs obligations to a third party (the obligee or agent identified in the bond. If the principalÍs obligations are not met, the bond assures payment, to the extent stipulated, of any loss sustained by the obligee. [D03457]

An added benefit. A sum paid to an employee over and above his/her regular pay. [D02419]

Bonus Schemes
A scheme by which the work force will receive extra pay or other rewards if certain targets or objectives are achieved. The targets are usually expressed as a certain quantity in a certain time, including completing a project by a fixed date. The scheme must be carefully thought out if it is to benefit both owner and work force. The work force must perceive that the extra reward is worth the extra effort. The approach has limited application because frequent use can become a normal expectation or even abused or hence counter productive. It does, however, have particular application near the end of a project to gain earlier completion. See also Break-Even Charts. [D03063]

Booking Rates
Rates used to record estimated actual indirect costs to a project. The overhead booking rates are applied to direct labor, materials and other direct costs. [D04615]

See Build, Own, Operate, Transfer

Bottom Up Cost Estimate
An estimate derived by summing detailed cost estimates of individual work packages (labor and materials) and applying appropriate cost burdens. [D04008]

Bottom Up Cost Estimating
The preparation of detailed estimates for every task in the work breakdown structure and summing them up to provide a total project cost estimate or cost plan. [D00161]

The approach to making a cost estimate or plan in which detailed estimates are made for every task shown in the work breakdown structure and then summed to provide a total cost estimate or plan for the project. [D00160]

 SPM 304-9
Bottom Up Estimating
Overall estimates for the project are built up from the detailed level and aggregated to give totals for the project as a whole. The opposite of Top Down. [D03597]

Literally a limit line. Typically used to indicate some form of constraint. [D02420]

See Blanket Purchase Agreement

See Business Process Reengineering

A technique to develop alternative solutions through an unrestrained exchange of ideas. [D03460]

The unstructured generation of ideas by a group of people. [D00162]

A group of people, selected for their creativity and knowledge, are brought together to seek solutions to particular problems or simply to find better ways of meeting objectives. Suggestions, however outlandish, are encouraged and pursued during a creativity session. From this, many ideas, some entirely new, are brought forward for analysis and ranking. Brainstorming is an essential part of the Value Management technique. [D03048]

The unstructured and dynamic generation of ideas by a group of people where anything and everything is acceptable (more or less!) Particularly useful in generating a list of potential project risks. [D03803]

Branching Logic
Conditional logic. Alternative paths in a probabilistic network. Breakdown Structure [D04386]

Breach of Contract
Failure by either the owner or the contractor, without legal excuses to perform any work or duty to the other. [D04930]

The creation of an experimental device to determine the feasibility of an idea, to develop it technically or demonstrate its usefulness, usually under laboratory conditions. [D02421]

Break Even
A situation that exists when cost and revenue are equal. Profit is zero. [D03461]

Identification of the smallest activities or task in a job according to a defined procedure. [D00163]

Breakdown Structure
A hierarchical structure by which project elements are broken down, or decomposed. See also Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). [D00164]

Break-Even Chart
A graphic representation of the relation between total value earned and total costs for various levels of productivity. [D00165]

Often it is possible to draw a graph showing the relation between the increased cost of accelerating project progress and the cost benefit of reduced project overhead and earlier cash flow from product sales. When IDC is factored in near the end of a commercial project almost any cost that results in greater progress can be justified, provided that the benefit is actually realized. This is why many projects end up working heavy overtime close to completion. The charts can be used to show how the cost of better planning can be justified to produce the same result at less total cost. [D03049]

Break-Even Point
The productivity point at which value earned equals total cost. [D00166]

In decision-making such as "make versus buy", "lease versus buy", etc, it is the point of indifference, meaning that level which results in the same overall cost. These types of decisions typically involve assumptions about each option, such as the number of units involved. [D02280]

A price, reward or gift with intent to change a decision or course of action in one's favor.
Editor's Note: Normally considered a corrupt practice in the West, bribery is viewed with varying degrees of latitude in different cultures. [D02422]

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