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Zero Based Budgeting - to - Zero Float

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Zero Based Budgeting
An approach to corporate, annual plan, budgeting in which all departmental annual budget requirements must be estimated and justified from the ground up, rather than by adding a percentage allowance to last year's approved budget or actual expenditure (typically whichever is the higher.) [D03421]

Zero Dollar Contract
A contract, usually for one dollar, that establishes a legal relationship to facilitate transfer of items between the parties. [D04302]

Zero Float
A condition where there is no excess time between activities. An activity with zero float is considered a critical activity. If the duration of any critical activity is increased (the activity slips), the project finish date will slip. [D02172]

Describes a work item or activity on the critical path (i.e. a delay in its completion would cause a corresponding delay in the project completion date). [D02173]

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