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What Has Changed? | Commodity Stereotyping
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Observations on Exhibits H through P


Exhibit H features the Aerospace Industry with the International Space Station. The US, Canada, Japanese and the Europeans, embarked on what was to be a $50B project. The Russians joined in latter. Pushing technology into new horizons was exacerbated by the limitations of payload size and weight to meet the constraints of the Space Shuttle loading bay.


Exhibit I features the Construction Industry with The Chunnel. Finally the centuries old dream of a dry link between England and France was realized. Thirty foot laser-guided cutters digging under the channel, fifty Kilometers of digging followed by a bit of poured concrete "et voila" as the French would say. The English-French under the sea "hand shake" was opened in 1994.


Exhibit J features the IT Industry with The Long Gun Registry. Keeping track of who had what in firepower is one thing, deciding what the algorithm does with that information vis--vis rights and liberties of gun owners, is a whole other matter.


Exhibit K features the Aerospace Industry with the F-18. Now a mature technology aircraft, once in production, they are constructed in an assembly line. Each jet has a high degree of custom configuration for the particular order and a particular jet.


Exhibit L features the IT Industry with Computer Production. Computers are mass-produced on an assembly line with dedicated resources on dedicated tasks.


Exhibit M features the Commercial Industry with the Back Yard Barbeque. This is the epitome of a small scale organizing model project. If you follow the instructions precisely, the process yields the intended outcome.


Exhibit N features the Politics with The Project for a New American Century (PNAC). The architects of PNAC advocated and implemented a program to realign and enhance US prosperity through military and clandestine actions, launched publicly with 9/11.




Exhibit O features the IT Industry, Information Technology Transformation Projects. The inception of the desktop computer and subsequent networking provide a catalyst for business transformation.




Exhibit P features the IT Industry with Automated Licence Place Renewal. The project included the client server kiosks and the backing system and database.


Observations on Exhibits A through G  Observations on Exhibits A through G

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