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Published here February 2017

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What Has Changed? | Commodity Stereotyping
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Observations on Exhibits A through G


Exhibit A features the Automotive Industry with automobile production. We see robots and more robots. Robots aren't perfect but, they don't take breaks, aren't entitled to holidays, they don't sleep, they don't get moody or irritable, and they don't suffer from having gone out with the other robots the night before. They perform task replications as programmed. Though they aren't cheap, they don't get paid either — no robot Union. They can breakdown but they can't strike!


Exhibit B features the IT Industry with "The ID Chip". Perhaps there is peace of mind in knowing the state can track you 24/7. The powers-that-be can choose to turn you on or turn you off. Now a proven technological, all that remains is the public controversy. Just think, pretty soon stores can have a transponder for a check out. That machine will interrogate your chip, talk to your banking machine. Money will automatically leave your account — you don't even need to be in the loop.


Exhibit C features the Power Industry with Nuclear Power with its intricate interweave of piping, valves and electronic equipment. If you see anything out of place, let us know. Positioning everything just right is a very complicated affair. A clean alternative to burning fossil fuels, Nuclear Power is the perfect solution, except for those pesky spent fuel bundles that linger for centuries - and for those that remember Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, power generation truly has become a community event.


Exhibit D also features the Power Industry with the Possum Point Power Station. A more tradition power station, Possum Point was coal fired and was converted to natural gas and oil in 2003, staying ahead of the environmental lobby.


Exhibit E features the Marine Industry with Princess Cruise Ship A.K.A. "The Love Boat"[8] aired on the ABC Television Network. This is a beautifully crafted and appointed vessel.


Exhibit F features the Aerospace Industry with the F-35 jet fighter. This is the all singing all dancing jet that, at times, politically flew past its engineering markers. Promises designed to keep the forty-three countries onboard raised the bar — first strike agility, heavy payload delivery, stealth and, to top it all off, vertical takeoff and land. In tangling with physics to balance these competing interests, the price also flew past its markers.


Exhibit G features the Marine Industry with HMS Liverpool. It tracks targets, engages in munitions interdiction, responds to threats to protect itself. There is a fine line between a floating fortress and a sitting duck. The prowess of the vessel need be technologically superior to what the bad guy has.


Stereotyping  Commodity Stereotyping

8. "The Love Boat", Douglas S. Cramer Productions, Aaron Spelling Productions, ABC Television Network, 1977 to 1986.
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