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Published here February 2017

PART 1 | Editor's Note & Table of Contents | Chapter 2: Deconstructing the Paradigm
What Has Changed? | Commodity Stereotyping
Observations on: Exhibits A through G | Exhibits H through P 
Alignment with the DBM Taxonomy: Levels 1 and 2 | Levels 3 to 5
Chapter 3: Reconstructing the Paradigm | The DBM Establishes the Complexity
Matching and Mismatching | PART 3

Commodity Stereotyping

Projects are often categorized based on industry sector. To name just a few, we will consider the Construction Industry, Automotive Industry, Marine Industry, the Aerospace Industry and Information Technology Industry. A few project examples are provided in the illustrations exhibited below.

Looking at the figure, we see many spectacular projects in different commodities, posing challenges for the project team. We'll run through the exhibits to describe what they are and then use the Dynamic Baseline Model (DBM) to determine their complexity level and associated performance expectation.

What Has Changed?  What Has Changed?

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