This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to Jamal Moustafaev, MBA, PMP, © 2013.
Published here August 2014.
The material has been abstracted from Jamal Moustafaev's forthcoming book on Project Scope Management.

Introduction | Quick Overall Outline | The Project Plan Contents
Overview and Recipient Stakeholders | Project Scope Management | Project Quality Management
Project Time Management - Schedule and Milestones | Project Cost Management - Budget
Project Risk Management | Project Human Resources Management
Project Procurement Management | Project Communications Management | Concluding Remarks

Jamal Moustafaev, MBA, PMP is president and founder of Thinktank Consulting. Jamal is an internationally acclaimed expert and speaker on project/portfolio management, scope definition, process improvement and corporate training. He has done work for private-sector companies and government organizations in Canada, US, Asia, Europe and Middle East. His book: "Delivering Exceptional Project Results: A Practical Guide to Project Selection, Scoping, Estimation and Management" was published in September 2010 by J. Ross Publishing.[1] It has been endorsed by the Project Management Institute™. Jamal may be reached at or via his web site and blog at


This paper sets out to describe and explain the process for writing a project plan for a medium-sized project. Once the plan accepted by management and approved for implementation, the project plan becomes a directive document. Such a project plan directive should be set out in an orderly progression. If the organization has, or contemplates having, many projects, it is a good idea to establish a standard template for all of them. That will make them easier to manage as a portfolio. The following sections describe the sequence and highlights of the content that we recommend. For simplicity, a small building project is used for illustration.


1. Jamal's second book: "Project Scope Management: A Practical Guide to Requirements for Engineering, Product, Construction, IT and Enterprise Projects" is scheduled for publication in late 2014.
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