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Published here December 2016

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As noted earlier, the final chapter, Chapter 19, in Louise Hart's book is titled "A Final Word". In this chapter she offers her final take-aways, not just from the book but looking back over her 30 years in the public and private sectors. That is, including the many major Government projects in various countries that have ended in acrimonious dispute because of basic failures in the procurement process.

Here are her top ten headings, each of which are more fully explained in her book:[21]

  1. Be clear on the objectives
  2. Leave your brain switched on
  3. Find the best people
  4. Identify the scope. All of it
  5. Allocate risk to people who know what to do with it
  6. Design the right procurement process
  7. Consult. Properly
  8. Insist on good governance
  9. Distinguish between price and value for money
  10. Acknowledge your own fallibility

To which she adds:

"But please, please, don't go out and make the same stupid mistakes Government made last time. Almost all failures are utterly unnecessary. Set up your project for success."[22]

That is excellent advice indeed!

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

What We Liked - The Serious Stuff  What We Liked — The Serious Stuff

21. Ibid, pp271-273
22. Ibid, p273
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