Note: The Issues for Discussion at the end of this case study may require research on the Internet. The sums of money mentioned are approximate, generally as reported in the media at the time.
Published here December 2016

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Case Study Assignments

Note: To respond to the following "Lessons Learned" questions, research on the Internet may be necessary to fully respond to the issued raised.

  1. Make a list of all the stakeholders involved in this project.
  2. Why do you suppose the Olympic Village project was so badly handled? How did that occur?
  3. Large sums of money were deployed, so who won and who lost?
  4. The members of the earlier project, to win the Olympics for Vancouver, were not involved in the execution of the Olympics, including the Olympic Village project. What is your opinion concerning the effect of this fact? And was that reasonable?
  5. We have very little information on how the Olympic Village project was actually run in terms of project management, largely because the management of design and construction was contracted out. Nevertheless, map out a schedule of project milestones within the dates provided.
  6. Develop an outline management plan for the Olympic Village facilities, from the perspective of the "sponsor" and starting right from the beginning.
  7. Discuss the impact of "politics" on this Olympic Village project and, if you were the project manager, what might you have done differently to avoid this situation?
Project Financials  Project Financials

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