This Guest paper was originally published on LinkedIn in May 2016.*
It is reproduced here with the permission of the author.
Copyright Craig Imlach © 2016.
Published here April 2017

Introduction | Project Tradition | Elements of Change
Validation of Assumptions and Estimates | Constraints and Business Rules | Postscript


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The views represented in this article are mine and mine alone. The views expressed do not represent the views held by any past, present or future employer. In the past I have been trained, mentored and coached by some great people, but when I asked how I could repay them I was told to "pay-it-forward". In the past I have done this through personal coaching and guidance. These articles are my way of extending the reach to "pay-it-forward".

Please feel free to copy or use this information. If I have failed to correctly attribute any portion of this article it is not intentional, I have simply lost the attribute information. If this is the case please advise and I will update the article.

Craig Imlach

Constraints and Business Rules  Constraints and Business Rules

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