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January 1st, 2018

Welcome to my project management site
The assembly of PM Glossary data v.6.1 is finally complete!
Content has been assembled and is offered sorted to different domains.
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Welcome to the New Year, 2018!

January - We are very excited to announce that we have completed the conversion of our ubiquitous Wideman Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms V5.5 for presentation on line. This will be the last version available in this linked form for free from this we site - just go to PM Glossary in the left hand column. As announced in our headline last month, our V6.1 database outputs are being produced in separate project and product domain related versions, see details here.

We have good advice in this month's Musings: Are you doing enough to Optimize your Project Administration in this Digital Age? A Xerox Report on Digitization at Work offers Five Suggestions on how to find out.

December - This past month was largely occupied by cleaning up "behind-the-scenes web stuff" for migrating to a new desktop computer, and preparing for a trip to Vancouver to celebrate the Wideman Education Foundation's 10th anniversary. The WEF now introduces youngsters to the practical basics of project management at both Vancouver and Toronto locations.

We did, however, manage a couple of Musings. The first is The Way of the Leader - Greatness is Not Found under a Rock, courtesy Marianne Clyde - advice on being "geat". The second is, since it is the Christmas Season, a reminder of The 10 Rules of Holiday Party Etiquette. Happy celebrations everyone!

November - This month our Guest, author Oliver Lehman, observes in Project Business Management: The Forgotten Knowledge Area that many project managers look at their current jobs and realize that project management as taught does not apply to them and their work as a project manager. Rather, what they are doing is better described as Project Busines Management involving payment under contract and Managing Supply Networks.

In Papers we review Stephan Aarstol's book: The Five Hour Workday. In it, Stephan not only suggests that a five hour work day is inevitable, but demonstrates the possibility by introducing it into his own company. Read our review for our reaction.

In Musings, an article: Training Your Brian to Handle Your Work, author Lisa Evans recognizes our age of information overload (especially relevant to work-day compression and the advent of electronic communication circa 1980). In it our brains haven't adapted fast enough to distinguish relevant data from the irrelevant, at the speed we're asking it to. Lisa offers four significant steps to ease the load.

Helpful information for people in a hurry

It is not for me to tell you how to run your project — that's your decision. Nor am I trying to teach you project management — there are plenty of excellent books and courses to do that. You see, any fool can make things complicated, my goal is to keep it simple! Nevertheless, there are over 12,500 pages of project management information on this site and, to find what you are looking for, either:

  1. Go to the broad subject areas shown by the links at the top of the left sidebar
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Our ultimate goal: More successful projects because more products are successful.

Checklists aka "Issacons©"

Issacons stands for Issues and Considerations and are sets of slides providing summary information responding to a specific question associated with a particular project management topic.

Designed to save hours of searching when all you want is a simple checklist, they provide the reader with succinct information. Issacons are more detailed than a plain bulleted list.

Tip: To view a slide as text, click the "A" button on the right side of the slide.

Max's Musings

My thoughts on various incidental project management topics.


Project Management Glossary

A free-on-web comparative glossary (version 3.1) designed to show how many common terms mean different things to different people, thereby leaving you free to create your own distinct version for your particular project.

Guest Articles

Points of view from other contributors.

Max's Papers and Books

Papers and Book Reviews: Thought provoking and valuable insights into project management. Books I have written.

About Max

Project management tip of the month

The Dissemination principle: It's not the dissemination of information that is the problem, that's getting cheaper and faster every day. The problem is the time taken by recipients to absorb that information — and then decide to do nothing!


Project Management 101Project Management 101
Start here for a fun edutoon series on project management — things you should know but may have forgotten.

The Wideman Education Foundation ("WEF" 2007) is a registered charity tax-exempt status under the Canadian Federal Government Income Tax Act. WEF offers a win-win opportunity for donors and sponsors with a simple value proposition:
• Project competitions that introduce high school students to basic project management skills and experience
• Identification of enthusiastic students capable of teamwork and team leadership that benefit both family and community
• Planting the seeds of a future project-ready workforce for companies in need of project talent

"Great oaks from little acorns grow"
Find out more HERE

The Wideman Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms
Access to version 3.1 is free and available on this site. Version 6.1 covers different versions available for sale. Click these links to find out MORE and order HERE.

Management Framework for Project, Program and Portfolio Integration, 2004.
expands on my original well-known book A Framework for Project and Program Management Integration published by the Project Management Institute in 1991. Find out more HERE. Also available as an eBook. Order your copy HERE.
ISBN-10: 1412027861
ISBN-13: 978-1412027861

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